About us

Around 41 years ago, the founder had a vision of how to better service the electric, water and gas provider markets. Due to his engineering background, having worked at a leading technology business multinational, along with his strong knowledge and sensibility towards the communities’ energy ecosystem needs, he developed and created a business model that today is the cornerstone of our Company: Customer Intimacy. Each customer is addressed personally and always in a professional manner. Today Myeel is recognized by its customers by commitment and dedication to every call and contact made.

Argentina possesses some unique social and market characteristics boasting the second-most-electric co-ops outside the United States. By establishing Customer Intimacy, we are able to understand better what the customers need, nurturing a deep relationship of trust that endures to this day.

Myeel is a wholesale distribution leader for the electric, gas and water for rural and urban cooperatives. As the operational cost of these types of business organization increases, and energy prices are strictly controlled, we provide purchasing and supply management to streamline procurement practices that guaranties stock availability and competitive prices.

A key success factor

Our mission: “Be recognized by our customers as the best partner for their solutions”.

Professionalism and Experience

As a wholesaler, we are a leader in the field of metering, measurement technologies and MV products and supplies.

Myeel brings together an experienced team engineers, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partners to deliver world class products, systems and services to our customers nationwide.

Our team of professionals is committed to solving our customers most critical and complex solutions.

The experience we have gained over the past 36 years allows us to implement solutions that range from simple installations, supervisory work to remote control systems, among others.

We guaranty to our suppliers and vendors that their products value proposition is understood, promoting and preserving their brand’s quality reputation. Their business is our business.


We understand that our products and services play a key role in meeting the needs of the communities to whom our customers provide services. We attend these needs for rural and urban cooperatives, multi-utility organizations, listed investor owned utilities and municipalities as well as engineering, industrial and construction firms (both Fortune 500 corporations and SMEs).

Products and Solutions

  • Measurement and remote metering systems
  • Reclosers
  • Sectionalizers
  • Electric Switchgear
  • Equipment for electrical networks and substations
  • Electric meters and accessories
  • Water meters and accessories
  • Gas meters and accessories
  • Measurement equipment.
  • Specialize electric devices
  • Electric and personal safety equipment
  • Latest technology of Wireless communications

What Makes us Unique

  • Quality products and solutions from world leading suppliers.
  • More than 5 000 products housed in our 6 000 square-meter warehouse.
  • A high voltage laboratory (up to 100 kV) certified by the Argentine National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).
  • Electric meter laboratory.
  • Transportation and logistics readiness to ensure that our products get to their precise destination on time.
  • Our renowned customer care business model.
  • We provide services to over 2 000 customers throughout the country.
  • We have a vast experience in establishing partnerships with global suppliers.
  • Besides the warranty offered by the manufacturer, we offer an additional warranty and after sales service.
  • We offer advice and support tailored to the needs of our customers.

Authorized distributors of

  • Honeywell
  • ABB
  • itb
  • Zonri
  • AE Solar
  • Fares Taie